Visualisation to Let GO

In the early days in hospital after diagnosis, I quickly learnt a way to visualise and let go of worries, things out of my control. It doesn’t matter how you do it whether through visualisation, meditation, a surf whatever your thing is, the important thing is that we do it. We all have to let go!! Holding on to feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy, hate, will cause ‘dis- ease’ in your body, and what we want to create is harmony.

My visualisation is here….

“The lovely elderly Angel man was waiting for my thoughts, my worries, as I began to meditate. He stood up and unlocked his chest. As if before I could visualise it, it was already happening, he was there in his usual long white linen clothing, tan belt and thongs, long white hair and beard, just waiting for the words to come…. And they did.” Jody Stokes

This Angel Man waits for my feelings and takes them for me, releasing me of these feelings so that body is in harmony, and I can begin again. Perhaps initially when I did this visualisation, I filled his chest as I had not let go for sometime. I was carry feelings that did not serve me that did not help my highest purpose, for the greater good. Now perhaps I have less and less to hand over. It is irrelevant the amount really, its more important that you actually hand it over.

Love and Blessings.