Surrender: A New Way Of Living 25/2/15

When we think of the word surrender, we think submit, quit and give up the battle. This is a word I use a lot so I wanted to just talk about what it actually means to me to surrender.

When we surrender we let go of worries and fears, we let go of what needs to be done today, tomorrow or next week. Because when we surrender completely, we relinquish the power and therefore don’t need to worry about the past or what is in the future, surrendering means we are focused on this very moment in time. Right Now.

When we surrender to a higher power we are opening our mind to receiving guidance to ensure we are on the right path or making the right decision. When I surrender I stop trying to control the outcome and just allow it to be exactly what it is suppose to be. At times I know this is difficult. Sometimes you think you are heading to path ‘B’ because YOU think that is the best, but the Angels can see your entire path, they can see what you have signed up for, the universe has a better plan, a plan that you haven’t thought of, a plan that has your highest purpose, your highest good in mind.

For example: if you are struggling with a decision, to surrender means to hand over and wait for a clear sign of what decision is right for you. It means to let go of any ideas of what you believe is right, trust in your intuition, silence the mind (through meditation) so you can be guided to make good choices to be presented with great opportunities.

Be open to receiving signs, some people even have a personal sign (for example a pelican, a butterfly or a number sequence) and ask for that particular sign. When you receive a clear sign you are 100% sure that it’s the right decision. Say the words “I am open to receiving a sign”.

Surrendering is a great thing. It also allows you to focus on the present moment in time, but that’s a whole new post, enjoy your evening