Perfectly Orchestrated Love Story

Today I wanted to share with you one of the Miracles in my life, my husband Darren. Let me tell you…. Darren is my miracle today. The events were carefully orchestrated to have this man in my life. They say relationships are our biggest lessons in life well ours can testify to this. After my first marriage ending and being pregnant and having a toddler to care for, Darren walked into my life 10 years ago.

Darren was looking for a unit and I was looking to move out of mine. The real estate rang and said that they were sending someone over but unfortunately they couldn’t show him through and asked if I would. I was hesitant at first but also keen to get someone in my unit ASAP. I showed Darren through the apartment that day, newborn asleep on my shoulder and toddler in tow, the whole time I was just really focused on selling the apartments good points, a relationship was the furthest thing on my mind.

Anyway to cut along story short, Darren took the apartment and we exchanged numbers just incase there was anything wrong. Well there was nothing wrong, in fact there could be nothing more right about how our friendship blossomed over the months. Many cuppa teas on, one week after our glorious wedding, I was diagnosed with leukaemia. Again the universe working to make everything perfect, Darren was in between jobs and had a good six weeks off. I needed Darren at this time and no job meant he was there for his family.

Our relationship was tested in so many ways and we remained strong. This man, The qualities he now has and the determination, there is nothing he can’t do. Darren is another miracle I am grateful for… I am very blessed to him in my life ❤️