Our Very First DoTERRA Essential Oil Class

So we finally held our very first Oil class, we are so inspired to bring you more so stay tuned for next months class, We are going to tackle Emotions and Essential Oils and I just know you and your family will get so much from it. From toddlers and tantrums to teens and their mood swings and of course our wonderful woman’s monthly cycles and menopause we are hitting it hard!! So that’s MAY.

We also wanted to apologise for running over time, we really appreciate that you all had taken time out of your precious weekends and we really did appreciate it. Aren’t Marg and Harry wonderful? I just love how real they are. so we have fabulous support.

The next thing I ask is that you consider if you want to share the oils with your extended family and friends, because it is inevitable that they are going to ask what your secrets are to wellness and why you smell so good! I’d love for you to consider holding a class, I’m very happy to tailor the class to your needs, just ask. Once you get to experience the oils you will want to share them with those you love.

Also I wanted to mention about the Healing Hands Foundation, 100% of the purchase price goes to this foundation, seriously what organization do you know that does that?? Please can I ask that you consider adding HOPE (10 ml roll on blend) or Rose Hand Lotion to your next order. I ask this for two reasons,
1. They are trying to stop child sex trafficking through Operation Underground Railway.
2. They donate to Days for Girls… this organization is so important to me. Did you know in Nepal girls are made sleep in period huts when they menstruate? They are away from their families and they are do not go to school during this time. They walk to the fields to find the driest flattest cow poo or straw and use that as a pad. Days for Girls make fabric pads and take them to Nepal and 10 other countries and educate girls on their cycles. They do this so girls can stay in school, they can get an education, they can stay in their homes where they are safe. I am currently starting to sew these kits and if you are a sewer or know of someone that will help please forward my details.
Please consider adding HOPE or ROSE hand Lotion to your LRP monthly order. If you need a hand setting it Up, I’m happy to help.

Also now you are part of our DoTERRA family we genuinely want to help you and your family on your path to wellness, so lets book a one on one FREE Wellness consult, it will give us a chance to have a cuppa and see what’s happening for you and your family and run through any questions you might have.

If you have got all the way to here and read everything, thank you so much, I really appreciate it. I look forward to hearing from you.