Creating Essential Oil Rollers With Purpose

After yoga challenging me in emotional ways I never thought it would this last week. I have been busy turning to my Essential oils and crystals for support as I usually do. If you read the previous post you will have seen my creation of Trust: a Essential Oil Roller Blend with Reiki Activated crystals to bring in Trust and Release Fear. Well I’m so excited because Purpose and Clarity followed.

I’ve also been led to read Gabrielle Bernstein’s book ‘Judgement Detox’ and I’m loving it so far. It’s really interesting when you start taking note of how many times a day a judgemental thought enters ones head. Just addressing the little thoughts of judging a driver who pulls out in front of you to the judging yourself for decisions you’ve made, let alone the big stuff. Wow. Initially it was a bit of a shock, but hey, we all judge. So I decided it was about time to step up and specifically work on this area without judgement! I am open to working on this and I am open to looking at this with a fresh perspective.

Working on Trust involves letting go of fear and I have got this covered with my new Trust roller. I will definitely be working with this new blend and the affirmations this week to help me let go of fear.

Next I wanted a roller that brings in Purpose… Through guided meditation with my Reiki Master, my spirit guide said that my purpose here is to return to Love and that is something I wanted a roller to assist me with.

I mediated and tuned into higher source and listen to the voice of my guides. I choose to use these oils for a Purpose roller.
Ylang Ylang,

I used Reiki Activated crystals of Rose Quartz (for Love of All) Amethyst (for intuition of highest purpose highest good) and Clear Quartz (to amplify all of the above).

Purpose Essential Oil was created with the intention of leading one to their Devine purpose in life, for the highest purpose, highest good of all.

Affirmations: I am aligned with Love.
I am aligned with my Devine Purpose.

Next Blog post will be Clarity..

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