Clarity: A Roller Blend With Intention

Clarity: roller blend with the intention of bringing in Clarity to all areas of ones life.

Who would have thought that yoga would be more than a physical challenge. I guess I did think it would be emotionally challenging but probably not as challenging as what it is. Do you practise yoga. I commit to a home practise everyday and practise with my Kundalini teacher, Pam, once per week. I started this year. I committed to doing this for me. It’s been a very rewarding experience but lately has raised some issues that I’ve turned to my Essential oils and crystals for help with. The two previous blends I created were Trust and Purpose. Clear thought and clear intentions was also called for, so in cane Clarity.

Having Clarity is so good it means knowing exactly what path to take, it means knowing what to choose and it means being sure about your choice. To have clear thoughts and clarity is something I definitely want more of.

Clarity Blend has been made with intention of bringing more clarity to all situations in life. Who doesn’t want that? I certainly do. The essential oils I have chosen are
Juniper Berry
Clary Sage
Pink Pepper
Wild Orange

Clarity has a complete set of chakra balancing Reiki Activated crystals with the intention of bringing clarity to all areas of ones life.

Today I used the complete set Purpose, Trust and Clarity. I love the smells I have created with intentions for my highest purpose highest good. I’d love to hear if you try these out and what you think, let me know in comments below.