Walk Freely (3/3/2015)

Everyone here on earth has their own journey, their own challenges and their own celebrations. A human being has no right to judge another’s path or action it only ends in hurt, guilt and pain. Fill yourself with love and look at others with an open mind, they are on their own journey and they …

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Visualisation to Let GO

In the early days in hospital after diagnosis, I quickly learnt a way to visualise and let go of worries, things out of my control. It doesn’t matter how you do it whether through visualisation, meditation, a surf whatever your thing is, the important thing is that we do it. We all have to let …

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3 Month Review 19/2/15

Just had my 3 monthly review, which is now extended to every 6 months. I have lost 10kg and my blood pressure is completely normal. My bloods which are still being monitored every 3 months are completely normal🙏, no sign of ever having leukaemia or any chemotherapy. I am amazed and eternally grateful that this …

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You are ME and I am YOU

I was sitting with a client this morning and she was explaining to me that when someone says something to her,she can’t help but focus on the negative part of the sentence, even if it has three positive parts She said she still focuses on the negative. Straight away I recognised that I use to …

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A Blessing

Battle: for those out there diagnosed with a health issue or cancer, please think about the word battle. I hear it all the time. A battle indicates that you are in a fight and that there will be a victor. It straight away brings a negative connotation to the picture in my view. Instead try …

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Intuitively Eating

I said a prayer for my Angels to guide me to what food to eat so that my body would be well nourished, and what happened was truly amazing. I could choose to simply make the same choices but now I choose to tune in and think, what do I really feel like eating? What …

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