Attracting What you Want!

Firstly You set your intention: What do you want… It maybe a new job, a new car, guidance with diet. Write it down and be very clear. For example if you say I want to work 5 days only, then state what you are doing for work, what you will get paid, what will your work environment be like? create the entire scene.The clearer you are, the better. Alway alway always show gratitude…For example “thank you for this blessing”.

The next step is actually believing that it will happen. For example: the underlying feeling has to be one of if the opportunity arises I will grab it and the universe will ensure the rest happens.I am open to receiving this. Living life as though you already have achieved this. Its yours already.

Keep your vibration high. Do this by doing what you love, if you need help, book a healing or a Reiki session, do whatever you need to do to RAISE your VIBRATION. Remember LIKE attracts LIKE. If you are anxious or worried saying how will I pay the bills, there will not be enough money if I only work 5 days.. you interfere with the above signals and can change the course. For example: meaning YOU WONT HAVE ENOUGH MONEY! So trust that it is already happening, you are already living what you want. You have to feel excited almost like the universe has already delivered your plan. You already have the new car, the new job, the new diet.

You need to believe it, feel it in every essence of your being, cell deep, (all the good emotions) and it will happen. Say it everyday in your head and make sure when you say it you feel excited at the possibility. Be grateful, thank the Angels for the blessings.

It’s not up to you to work out how that is humanly possible… Leave that to the universe, trust let go and raise your vibration, you know miracles happen!