A little about me today.

I love being a Mum, which is definitely my first Love, my two amazing kids. Then I met Darren who showed me what true love and trust was all about. Along with Darren came his gorgeous daughter who brings joy to our home. We have two fur babies which we all adore and you have probably met on Instagram or Facebook!!

I am a Reiki Master and offer Reiki Healing and Teaching.

My gorgeous sister was into Reiki and When I received my first session I was blown away at the deep feeling of love and peace that filled my body. I had never felt anything like it before. So I began researching Reiki and the health benefits. I knew that this was exactly what I wanted in my life and what I wanted to share Reiki with the world so everyone could feel love and peace within.

I started offering guidance in Mindfulness and Meditation. I have always loved Meditation but a regular practise began for me when I had a long hospital stay many years ago. While undergoing treatment (amazing Doctors) I began a regular practise of meditation and used meditation to help me through tests and procedures. It helped me to not only deal with what was happening around me, but to completely be at peace with exactly where I was at in that moment. It quietened my mind, which helped me connect to source and when I was quiet, the guidance became much clearer. After meditation I would feel renewed, fresh, alive, ready to begin again.

My love of writing continues, I have so many journals, notes and stories. I hope one day they’ll be all under the one cover for all to enjoy.

My love of writing continues, I have so many journals, notes and stories. I hope one day they’ll be all under the one cover for all to enjoy.

My strongest sense is smell and perhaps this is why I am drawn to Aromatherapy. I first was introduced aromatherapy during my Nursing Degree, a subject called Complementary Therapies, which I truly loved. I love experimenting with blends for use at home, for cleaning, for room sprays, personal hygiene and of course, personal roll ons that I carry with me. If you know me well enough, then you’ll know that I always have a few roll ons in my bag. When I was sitting with a friend a while ago and reaching for a smell, I realised that, that friend was with me over 3 years ago when I purchased a roll on that I still have in my bag!! Which led me to become a DoTERRA wellness Advocate.

My other love is crystals and the amazing energy they give off. I wear them, I carry them, I meditate with them, I reiki with them, I give them to friends, I simply can’t get enough in my life. What’s your favourite crystal? I’d love for you to share. Mine at the moment is Amethyst but it changes all the time. A good rule of thumb is to go with what you are drawn too.

When my love of smells merged with Reiki Activated Crystals My crystal rollers were born. I was craving something that I could just pull out of my bag, roll on, breathe in deeply.

Sewing, art and craft has always been apart of me, I love spending time doing these things and can’t imagine life without them in it.

I hope you have a wonderful day, if I can be of service, please reach out,

Love and Blessings