3 Month Review 19/2/15

Just had my 3 monthly review, which is now extended to every 6 months. I have lost 10kg and my blood pressure is completely normal. My bloods which are still being monitored every 3 months are completely normal🙏, no sign of ever having leukaemia or any chemotherapy.

I am amazed and eternally grateful that this was not my time to go. I thank God and the Angels every minute of everyday, so blessed to be here. What I have been through is completely life changing. I look at the world differently now, cherishing each moment I have here. I hope that by me experiencing this it may save some of you from having any health issues, let alone cancer.

What I have learnt is so varied that I could write a book about it (oh that’s right, I am) this life experience certainly can not be compared to university degrees, completely different and more soul fulfilling than any course I could ever complete, God knows there’s been a few!

I can tell you exactly how I got to where I am today, it may help you, or someone you know, it definitely will change how you think about life and that is the greatest legacy that I can leave here on this earth.